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The Co-O.p.p. LLC, is an independent Columbus-based enterprise that organizes global, collaborative projects where valued add is seen in the community. The Co-O.p.p. LLC, will serve as a creative freelance management agency focused on the arts, technology, economic and small business development, and community outreach. Success will be measurable through customer/community rapport, innovation, and industry awareness and knowledge. The Co-O.p.p. LLC, creates resources and opportunities to network and work alongside others from different or complementary industries.

Our mission is to rebuild community through collective collaboration. The Co-O.p.p. LLC, is a network of local creative fields sharing space and resources to unify and serve the Historical Old Towne East District of Columbus, Ohio.

As the market continues to trend to innovation and new technologies attention to detail and creative distinction has become more pertinent in the identity and execution of small business development. The Co-O.p.p. LLC, will be branded as a co-working creative management resource focusing on lifestyle living in the areas of non-profit, technology, economic and small business development, and the arts. The Co-O.p.p. LLC, nurtures community supported initiatives and projects that harness the power of the virtual world to create something real.
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